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Awards: Louis Vuitton, the classic Damier turned out from the historical archives. With respect to the purpose of the Common Market, the round table to the Louis Vuitton Tambour watch case higher, thicker, almost vertical sides and bottom surface uplift of the disk as a scaled-down version of the drumming the produce ultra-thin design. Its unique structure, but not complicated, in addition to the crown on the side of the case, and engraved with "LOUIS VUITTON" 12 letters, as well as external appearance of Tambour series almost without any superfluous decorative elements part of the old-style floral pattern This also makes it look more overall sense, like a fine container, stored in the dark, "the mystery of time. It can be said, modern watches Louis Vuitton Tambour series focus on creating a meaningful Tourism and Culture and the container itself, which has become a brand in the Advanced tab area, a significant sign of. The drum drum shaped connotation is the household wealth keen to travel or favorite watch cultural groups, they are happy to see. Close the wrist, elegant and full of the sense of presence, eye-catching, but not exaggerated, louis vuitton outlet calmly exudes like traditional light, people realized that the watch with a wide range of time and space culture intrinsically linked. Both ends of the metal ear like a suitcase handle, strong and flexible outbound desire, while providing a comfortable wearing feeling, cause people's minds.LVMH's products include king, Dom Perignon champagne, Guerlain Guerlain perfume and top grade handbag, last year's global revenue of louis vuitton wallet about 28 billion euros ($37 billion).London ExaneBNP Paribas boutique research director Mr Solca (Luca Solca) wrote in the report issued in January, the Louis vuitton "is undoubtedly a subtle pass". LVMH's products include king, Dom Perignon champagne, Guerlain Guerlain perfume and top grade handbag, last year's global revenue of about 28 billion euros ($37 billion).In price and in adding more leather handbag series, in order to improve the attraction, after Mr Arnault said at the end of January, louis vuitton bags LVMH is focused on improving the existing Louis vuitton outlet and limit the extension points, try to control the brand growth, rather than "excluding everything" the pursuit of sales. LVMH, he says, will be dedicated to service and increase the skin penetration level, and at the same time reduce the shelves LV logo canvas bag.

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Awards: Following the Prada (Prada) swept renowned fashion magazine cover, with a strong 60s-style LV (Louis Vuitton) 2013 spring and summer series "checkerboard" mounted on the interpretation of many stars, with minimal accessories with the principle of As far as possible, restore the simple retro style of the clothing itself. And Tali Lennox (Tali Lennox) from head to toe an array of accessories there to steal the spotlight too, I do not know the poster fashion jury who view this body with what is unique or disorganized? To evaluate a rating!2013 Paris Fashion Week-Louis Spring Vuitton2013 RTW Fashion show Aspect Louis Vuitton famous checkerboard pattern displayed Plaid - including the size of two editions. Even flowers pattern decorated in linear clothing, and even the classic Speedy Bag with a checkerboard Plaid modified.louis vuitton bags Board Plaid intuitive graphical brought to the fashion publishing is different from New York Fashion Week designer Jacobs iconic stripes. A month ago, fashion observers are talking about the new minimalism. The designer said backstage, "in antique train Description romantic story, this season hope to get rid of a strong feeling of the story brought,louis vuitton wallet I think, yes, let's embrace plaid!" Shiny hair bands, Maxi skirt and short jacket exudes relaxed sense of pencil skirts and close the body so that the release from the cold. Plaid pattern may seem a little empty, but the sun was shining yellow-based release adds a positive charm.The girls wind water color season remains one of the women of Louis Vuitton flagship color,louis vuitton online store a sort of 70's retro flavor and layers stacked with autumn and winter women compared with the previous quarter.As can be seen from PPR (PP.PA) 2012 revenue growth dynamics Bottega Veneta strong brand now, and it just cause and any other strategies and Gucci and Louis Vuitton. Bottega Veneta woven bag with a few years has been expanding rapidly to other luxury brand, particularly weakened to become a darling of consumers, and the development of competition, Louis Vuitton and Gucci began to decrease the cost of the brand has. Although Gucci's sales in the fourth quarter of 2012 compared to last quarters were warmer, but the Chinese lunar new year, in February began to decline. Despite the fact; Fran Ois-Henri Pinault, I do not know if this trend will, but new leadership in China will become the policy in the past, the risk of austerity combat corruption, increase of luxury, the Bureau of SARFT lunar or even limited to leaders promotional gift suggestions, all this interest from industry and concerns.

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Awards: The report shows, Prada, Li Feng Group jewelery brand Cartier Asia and Hennessy cognac and Moet & Chandon champagne was ranked sixth to ninth and tenth Burberry (microblogging), the brand value of $ 4.09 billion, an increase 21%, which represents about half of its market value.Cooperation always passed one of the best forms of art, following last year's sensation and Yayoi Kusama Yayoi Kusama planning spring quarter of 2013,louis vuitton outlet the top French fashion house Louis Vuitton invited to attend the three talented artists, and classic scarf reinterpretation 's, scarves, shawls, again the street culture to life. D'Artistes scarves scarves series American artist Marquis Lewis (aka Retna), who lives in New York, Japanese artist Aiko and Brazilian twin brothers Otavio and Gustavo Pandolfo (Os Gemeos). Which, Os Gemeos impression that the sun and moon boldly presented at the top of the square mosaic Silk; Aiko traditional louis vuitton wallet Japanese kimono and classic LV monogram-inspired collection, the 64 types of colorful color pattern implemented in Giant Four Seasons Square silk Finally, Retna inspired by Arabic and Hebrew letters, and work with children around the shawl on the mysterious hieroglyphics of watercolor, the unique flavor.Louis Vuitton is around the center of Paris Saint Germain des Pres, in December this year to open a stationery store, selling various series of writing instruments. The first venture of the brand in the stationery industry in order to be able to louis vuitton online store take advantage of literary exposure Ecriture brand L'est des Voyage (travel writing) of heat, as WWD reports, the opening of The exhibition will take place on Thursday and will remain open until 12 March

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Awards: It is reported that the data as well as the source of the "World Tour" is from the family of Louis Vuitton third generation Gaston-Louis Vuitton, feel free to post nearly 3,000 gold 1,000 gold in the hotel labels Hotels labels by famous tourist home of Tourism of Francisca Matteoli re-organization, re-elegant and along the route of the early twentieth century steamboat louis vuitton online store global journey, the selection of the 21 intermediate stations in Paris, Rio de Janeiro, London, and Tokyo, the reorganization of the new journey of traveling the world to fragment and collected into a book, the whereabouts of travelers who tells the story of 21 from around the world, particularly at rest and. In addition to the books themselves, it also comes with a fine map of the world as well as the introduction Hotels Logo Appendix.Recently, the world's three largest luxury giant spring group, LVMH, richemont in Switzerland have announced the suspension of expansion plans in China.Recently, the "daily economic news" reporter learned that, a clothing brand called QDA open the first store in Beijing, and the store behind the looming international luxury giant LVMH. The positioning parity fashion boutique brand by private-equity funds LCapitalAsia hin royal equity joint ventures with China.It is reported that, Louis vuitton also recently pricing, average price increase of 12%; In France, LV has been pricing in October last year, the range of the pricing is about 10%. "louis vuitton outlet"Louis vuitton handbags prices."According to understanding, pricing is mainly aimed at the Neverfull, Palermo and other classic series bags, increases ranging from 4% to 15%. For example, classic SPEEDY 30 bags (not including shoulder), from 6100 yuan to 6350 yuan; Shoulder belt has risen to more than 9000 yuan. Another bag bag of the original price is 12700 yuan rose to 12900 yuan.2013 SAG red carpet scene, the Vampire Diaries heroine Nina Dobrev, pink dress shirt wearing minute appearance, unique design sexy color unique and exceptional, people are allowed to configure it to beautify former play different hands from mini " long "series snails hard there for success.louis vuitton bags